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Pre-Season Power Rankings- NFL

Here is my pre-season power rankings for the NFL.  Feel free to comment and tell me your opinion.  Enjoy!

1.       New England Patriots- With Brady back, the Pats will once again be Super Bowl contenders.

2.       Pittsburgh Steelers- The reigning Super Bowl Champions have what it takes to repeat.

3.       Minnesota Vikings- Two words: Adrian Peterson

4.       Arizona Cardinals- After falling just short of the big prize last year, Arizona can easily capture the Lombardi trophy this year.

5.       San Diego Chargers- A stacked team with LT, Rivers, and Merriman, but still some questions about LT’s and the team’s overall health.

6.       Philadelphia Eagles- An overall great defense and offense has them in the Super Bowl hunt.

7.       Indianapolis Colts- Without Marvin Harrison they won’t be as much of a threat as they have always been.

8.       Atlanta Falcons- With the addition of Tony Gonzalez, and with Matt Ryan in his second year, they could be really good.

9.       Tennessee Titans- This year depends on how Kerry Collins can do, and how much the defense will miss Albert Haynesworth.

10.   Washington Redskins- Albert Haynesworth will provide a big boost on D this year; now let’s see how many points the offense will put up.

11.   Baltimore Ravens- Now that Derrick Mason is gone, the offense won’t be as productive, but they will still have monster D.

12.   Chicago Bears- With Jay Cutler in his new home in Chicago, he should do better than he did in Denver.

13.   New York Giants- In the era after Plaxico, the offense might be slightly less productive, but the team will be much distracted.

14.   New Orleans Saints- With a struggling D, Reggie Bush, Drew Brees and the rest of the offense has to step up.

15.   Carolina Panthers- Quite decent overall, the running game is where they are going to win or lose games.

16.   Houston Texans- Good young team, and if Schuab can perform this could be a great season for the Texans.

17.   Dallas Cowboys- With T.O. and Roy Williams (the SS) gone, Roy Williams (the WR) and the rest of the team will have to step up.

18.   Miami Dolphins- The Wildcat- If it works like last year, they will be great. If it doesn’t, they will be very bad.

19.   Buffalo Bills- T.O. will create a disturbance in the clubhouse that I am not sure the Bills are ready for yet.

20.   New York Jets- Mark Sanchez could be a franchise QB, and with a better defense, the Jets could be good this year.

21.   Green Bay Packers- Pretty good offense + shaky defense = halfway decent team.

22.   Oakland Raiders- How JaMarcus Russell plays will be a key factor on whether or not the Raiders break 500 this year.

23.   Kansas City Chiefs- The Chiefs are really hoping that Matt Cassel is as good as they think he is.

24.   Cincinnati Bengals- A horrible offense last year, and with Houshmandzadeh gone, expect a dismal offensive output this year.

25.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Derrick Ward is a great pickup, but the rest of the offense will have to pick up the slack in order for the Buc’s to be contenders.

26.   Seattle Seahawks- Houshmandzadeh will help the Seahawk offense, but won’t make them really any better.

27.   Denver Broncos- Chris Simms, Kyle Orton, or Tom Brandstater won’t give the Broncos a winning record.

28.   Cleveland Browns- Braylon Edwards and Brady Quinn sound great, but probably won’t be.

29.   San Francisco 49ers- Michael Crabtree will provide the spark the 49ers need to win a game.

30.   Jacksonville Jaguars-Too many holes in this team to be a contender for anything.

31.   St. Louis Rams- The Greatest Show on Turf has gone to one of the Worst Shows on Anything.

32.   Detroit Lions- Being from Michigan, I hope they win at least one.

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Mid-Season Predictions-NASCAR

With 17 races left to decide the 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion, it is time for me to make my predictions on this year's Chase field and Cup Champion.

Chase Field (# of wins)
1. Mark Martin (5)
2. Jimmie Johnson (4)
3. Kyle Busch (3)
4. Tony Stewart (2)
5. Jeff Gordon (2)
6. Kurt Busch (1)
7. Carl Edwards (1)
8. Ryan Newman (1)
9. Kasey Kahne (1)
10. Denny Hamlin (0)
11. Juan Pablo Montoya (0)
12. Greg Biffle (0)

Top Five Finishers in the 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

5. Tony Stewart- After a great regular season, Stewart has some problems in the Chase and goes from being the top contender for the Cup to a disappointing 5th place finisher.

4. Jeff Gordon- For the 7th straight year, Jeff's "Drive for 5" falls short, and he winds up 4th in the 2009 final point standings.

3. Jimmie Johnson- Jimmie and Chad Knaus cannot work their magic for the fourth year in a row and Jimmie cannot break Cale Yarborough's record for consecutive championships and finishes 3rd in the points in 2009.

2. Carl Edwards- Carl has a wonderful chase in 2009 (unlike last year) and falls just short of the big prize to........

1. Mark Martin- After the early failures of the 2009 season, Mark rebounds with a great remainder of the regular season and an amazing Chase and Mark Martin walks away with his first ever Sprint Cup Series Chamipionship.

Hope you like it!

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My First Blog Entry!

Hey everyone!  I have decided to start my own blog because I think (and hope) it will be a lot of fun.  I look forward to you commenting on my blog.  I will be bloging about baseball, football, and NASCAR.  I hope you enjoy this blog and all blogs that I will write in the future.

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