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Pre-Season Power Rankings- NFL

Posted on: July 17, 2009 9:43 pm
Here is my pre-season power rankings for the NFL.  Feel free to comment and tell me your opinion.  Enjoy!

1.       New England Patriots- With Brady back, the Pats will once again be Super Bowl contenders.

2.       Pittsburgh Steelers- The reigning Super Bowl Champions have what it takes to repeat.

3.       Minnesota Vikings- Two words: Adrian Peterson

4.       Arizona Cardinals- After falling just short of the big prize last year, Arizona can easily capture the Lombardi trophy this year.

5.       San Diego Chargers- A stacked team with LT, Rivers, and Merriman, but still some questions about LT’s and the team’s overall health.

6.       Philadelphia Eagles- An overall great defense and offense has them in the Super Bowl hunt.

7.       Indianapolis Colts- Without Marvin Harrison they won’t be as much of a threat as they have always been.

8.       Atlanta Falcons- With the addition of Tony Gonzalez, and with Matt Ryan in his second year, they could be really good.

9.       Tennessee Titans- This year depends on how Kerry Collins can do, and how much the defense will miss Albert Haynesworth.

10.   Washington Redskins- Albert Haynesworth will provide a big boost on D this year; now let’s see how many points the offense will put up.

11.   Baltimore Ravens- Now that Derrick Mason is gone, the offense won’t be as productive, but they will still have monster D.

12.   Chicago Bears- With Jay Cutler in his new home in Chicago, he should do better than he did in Denver.

13.   New York Giants- In the era after Plaxico, the offense might be slightly less productive, but the team will be much distracted.

14.   New Orleans Saints- With a struggling D, Reggie Bush, Drew Brees and the rest of the offense has to step up.

15.   Carolina Panthers- Quite decent overall, the running game is where they are going to win or lose games.

16.   Houston Texans- Good young team, and if Schuab can perform this could be a great season for the Texans.

17.   Dallas Cowboys- With T.O. and Roy Williams (the SS) gone, Roy Williams (the WR) and the rest of the team will have to step up.

18.   Miami Dolphins- The Wildcat- If it works like last year, they will be great. If it doesn’t, they will be very bad.

19.   Buffalo Bills- T.O. will create a disturbance in the clubhouse that I am not sure the Bills are ready for yet.

20.   New York Jets- Mark Sanchez could be a franchise QB, and with a better defense, the Jets could be good this year.

21.   Green Bay Packers- Pretty good offense + shaky defense = halfway decent team.

22.   Oakland Raiders- How JaMarcus Russell plays will be a key factor on whether or not the Raiders break 500 this year.

23.   Kansas City Chiefs- The Chiefs are really hoping that Matt Cassel is as good as they think he is.

24.   Cincinnati Bengals- A horrible offense last year, and with Houshmandzadeh gone, expect a dismal offensive output this year.

25.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Derrick Ward is a great pickup, but the rest of the offense will have to pick up the slack in order for the Buc’s to be contenders.

26.   Seattle Seahawks- Houshmandzadeh will help the Seahawk offense, but won’t make them really any better.

27.   Denver Broncos- Chris Simms, Kyle Orton, or Tom Brandstater won’t give the Broncos a winning record.

28.   Cleveland Browns- Braylon Edwards and Brady Quinn sound great, but probably won’t be.

29.   San Francisco 49ers- Michael Crabtree will provide the spark the 49ers need to win a game.

30.   Jacksonville Jaguars-Too many holes in this team to be a contender for anything.

31.   St. Louis Rams- The Greatest Show on Turf has gone to one of the Worst Shows on Anything.

32.   Detroit Lions- Being from Michigan, I hope they win at least one.

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